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Cloud backup
My automated database backup solution

A straightforward guide to setting up an automated backup solution for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB databases using AWS S3.Read More ›

Intuitive analytics dashboard
Embracing simplicity and privacy with Umami Analytics

Umami, an open-source, privacy-centric web analytics tool, offers a streamlined user interface, cost-efficiency, data sovereignty, and flexible access control, making it a preferred alternative to more complex platforms like Google Analytics.Read More ›

Copyright symbol
You may be doing Copyright Notices wrong: It's time to rethink your approach

In this post, I challenge the traditional approach to website copyright notices, arguing that many may be using the incorrect format. I suggest shifting from the common format of Copyright © [CURRENT_YEAR] [COMPANY] to Copyright © [START_YEAR] – [CURRENT_YEAR] [COMPANY], thus correctly representing the original publication date and offering additional benefits.Read More ›

Preview of website
Hello World - Unveiling my portfolio website!

I'm excited to unveil my new portfolio website, handcrafted using the Astro framework. Embracing transparency, I've made the codebase fully open-source. Look forward to blog posts on tech insights, experiences, and code snippets, and remember to follow me for regular updates.Read More ›